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Presiding Elder, Missouri District


Rev. Dr.  Patricia A. Havis is the Presiding Elder of the Missouri District of the Kansas - Missouri Region of the Third Episcopal District of the CME Church.  She concurrently serves as Pastor of St. Luke CME Church in Champaign, Illinois. She is a native of Chicago. She believes that she ought to serve the Lord with gladness and her ministry is evidence of that.  Dr. Havis has a proven track record of revitalizing ministries, growing churches and leading church renewal. She was called to ministry at the age of six, but did not accept her call to ministry until the middle passage of her life under Bishop Henry Williamson, then pastor of Carter Temple CME in Chicago in 1999.  She has been featured in the media for advocating ministry, preaching and Behavioral Healthcare.   She has been honored as Woman of the Year by several diverse groups. She served as MC for NAACP Annual Luncheon, several times while serving in Decatur, Illinois. She is a Qualified Mental Health Professional. She is a sought after speaker across the United States.  She works diligently in community activism.  She left (not retired) an honored career serving in Human Services and Behavioral Healthcare of more than twenty five year to serve God’s church full time.   She is currently completing her first, soon to be published book, “From Victim to Victor.”  Spend any time with Dr. Havis and you will find a woman of courage, laughter, seriousness, literacy, writing skills, dedication, focus, mission,  organization, fairness, love, compassion and order; all rolled into one. She says, “Her early surroundings were modest but the spirits of the people that raised her were abundant.” 


Her only adult child, Okima (sounds like O-key-ma) Michele Havis relocated and travels with her mother serving in ministry.  Okima is a Local Preacher and serves in music and artistic ministry and has her own special gifts and talents in service of the Lord.


Conference Relations

Current:   Kansas Missouri -   Former: Michigan Indiana -  Former:  Southeast Mo. IL. WI.



  • Doctor of Ministry - United Theological Seminary – Dayton, Ohio.

  • Master of Divinity - Eden Theological Seminary - St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Masters of Human Service Administration - Spertus College – Chicago

  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work- Loyola University– Chicago

  • Coursework at McCormick Theological Seminary – Chicago

  • Moody Bible Institute- Chicago

  • Lincoln University- Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Certificate - Institute of Church Management- Phillips School of Theology- Atlanta, Georgia, 2008.

  • Certificate- Order of the Flame-World Church and Evangelism Training -St. Simons Island, Georgia, 2008.



  • The Outstanding Minister of the Third Episcopal District- presented at CME Annual Pastor's Conference – Atlanta, Georgia 2013.

  • Hannah and Elkanah Award – Woman of the Year– 1997

  • Connexions Social Service Agency – Woman on the Move – 1999

  • Thresholds Psychiatric Agency – Outstanding Service – 1998

  • Community Mental Health Agency- Outstanding Energizer- 2000-2005

  • Prayed before Illinois State Representatives and State Senators meetings, city and local council meetings in Illinois. Prayed at Flint and Detroit Michigan- City Council meetings.

  • Received numerous other award and recognition and local television appearances.


Appointments by Bishop Sylvester Williams Sr.

Presiding Elder- of Kansas Missouri District- 2015

Supply Pastor- St. Luke CME Church Champaign, Illinois – 2015


Pastoral Appointments by Senior Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart Sr.

Ashburn Mission – Chicago - 2002

Trinity CME – Decatur, Illinois- 2005

St. James CME – Flint, Michigan - 2009

Central CME- Detroit, Michigan- 2012


Southeast Mo, Wis., Ill. Conference Responsibilities

  • Served as Annual Conference Assistant Secretary.

  • Served on the Economic Development committee,

  • Served on the Social Concerns committee

  • Taught at Leadership Training School.

  • Presented a seminar at the Kansas – Missouri - District Conference - for Presiding Elder Karen Walker – McClure. Subject: “Bridging the Gap between the Church and Mental Health” and a second time in Chicago.

  • Many of her submitted articles have been published by the Christians Index.


Michigan Indiana Region Responsibilities

  • Served as the facilitator/teacher at the Winter Council in 2009.

  • Served as Dean of Leadership Training School and former Assistant Dean.

  • Assistant Secretary of the Conference

  • Co-Chair of the Prayer Committee

  • Director of Publicity.

  • District Evangelism Director.

  • District Joint Board.

  • While serving at St. James two articles submitted to the published. In Detroit she served as Chaplain of the Ministerial Alliance.



Convener - Convocation - Knoxville, Tennessee - 2008. 

Facilitator /Presenter - Convocation - St. Louis, Mo.  -  Presented “Leadership and Mentorship” - 2009.

Delegate – General Conference - Mobile Alabama – 2010

Delegate – General Conference- Resolutions Committee - Baltimore, Maryland – 2014.


But more than that:   She loves God and God’s people with her whole heart and soul. She is covenant with God to go wherever God sends her. She prays that she can “Let Her Light Shine So the World May See.”  Her wish to help everyone “Connect to God, Connect to One Another and Connect to the Community.


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